Welcome flutterer’s to Flutterbys; My creative writing Blog. Through the written word we evolve in time and space we gain knowledge from the past and we leave knowledge behind. Education is the golden key that opens the door to new horizons, better lives and greater adventures. I would like flutterbys to be an advocate and a doorway to creative thought and writing. A place of magic and a path to happiness through self realization. Magic happens when the soul is filled with emotion and sunlight or moonlight illuminate the dark. Just as a butterfly emerges from its dormant rest to open its wings to freedom and light. I hope my blog gives enjoyment and opens the door to the powerful forces of words, ideas and imaginings. To shine a small light onto these pages to give voice to the force of energy that surrounds us all and interconnects us all across the world. Louisa.

Butterfly lives a very short  time but still it fills the world with so much beauty  and joy.  Flutterbys  is my butterfly  and it brings only love and joy in the world.  Words can heal  and help  the reader touch the depths of human emotions. I hope you enjoy   your journey into the interior and find fascinating the  words which carry us through our own lives and history.




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Flutterbys is not about making wealth it is a personal blog that is about personal growth and happiness through my exploration of creative writing and fun. Sadly all endeavors have a cost even if only small so if you feel you can help me expand I will so much appreciate the love. Flutterbys-louisa


The magic of the night


love saves never harms.


fairies are real if you believe


Fairies are very misunderstood creatures they are not children’s imaginings they are real just as we are and like aliens on earth they must be welcomed into our lives. Don’t limit your mind set it free to wander in your own fairy glen. Don’t shut the door to wonderment don’t think its childish to live in a fantasy world. Every problem can be solved with your own imagination.

                                                                  Dreams are what people live for take away imagination and dreams , people like flowers will wilt and die. All writings on flutterbys and poetry remain louisa jen – psuedonym the intellectual property of its author louise jensen

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welcome to flutterbys I am Louisa


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton




I wanted to make my Blog a place where people could enjoy a few of my stories pictures and bibs and bobs so welcome i hope you find some little thing to amuse you.


This is also a blog for my own literary journey a place to explore my own imagination and emotional depths..Thankyou and love from me louisa


Firelight firelight flickering in the breeze  The sparkling embers swirl into   the heavens high To join the stars in cosmic union firelight, firelight  hearts are torn and drawn into the flames magic in the dance that leaps into the sky blackness entreats the souls to linger in the silence  wonderment pulls the flames  high into the stars The connection ephemeral  precious atmospheric dust sparkling on high

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Sometimes I like to equate life as a train journey. First waiting at the station the train arrives and we board we search for our position or seat we place our baggage in a place we feel secure not to loose it. We take a seat and we watch the scenery and the other passengers we interact sometimes and meet all kinds of people. As the stations come and go so do the faces we are not sure when we will have to leave but we have a ticket to ride. Our ticket is checked and we are sure the station is a ways off we relax. we see smiling people or sad people saying hello or goodbye on the stations as we pass and stop. We hear the whistle blow we watch the country and all the houses go by we see how differently people live and the wealth we estimate by the homes. We smile at memories and cry at others as our minds race to the clickety clack of the rails. We love the ride but we notice some are anxious and others tired we read a book or we play a game. We see office workers with laptops suddenly we see our stop we only have a moment to collect our thoughts and try to grab our baggage. We thought we would have longer but the guard say leaving in a moment we race to the door and we depart the train leaving all the other passengers to go on. Sometimes we carry too much baggage and the trip is difficult. I do hope you enjoy your journey but please remember we might think we know when and where our stop is sometimes it still takes us by surprise when we have to depart..


Beautiful outcomes through education, books and freedom of thought .


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Magic in a bottle

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