In slumber my imaginings are filled with storms and creatures from some unknown depth

The skirmish came upon my mind a battle of survival played out in a deadly game

The sea began to boil and toss as if magic drifted on a witches broom

I watched as the tide dragged my vessel away from shore and solid ground

The fantasy of my death flooded across my pale and twisted face

A revelation of the drama filled my very soul.

heart pounding mind chasing did i dream my future

Is there a monster under my bed, did i kill a dragon is there blood upon the floor

Reality the master of my soul and yet fantasy clings to the edge of time

transcendence is in the natural process it moves upon the hours of light

Sometimes forgotten sometimes remembered transcendence frees us upon the dawn

Calm and quiet I smell the lavender candle

The garden grows and the butterfly surrenders to transformation and their in lies the beauty for in that exchange most physical ,self is discovered

Dreams carry us on our mortal journey but we are not mere mortal beings for we carry our spirit in our daily life

I myself alone look upon the night to desire and delight

Dreams to take me places where only a spirit can fly

To embark upon a journey most terrible and wonderful until i see the the light.

So remember when imagination creates another life

Its not just a slumber a spiritual awakening transforming you through the night.

To see another way to be another way to kill the dragon and to set sail upon an unknown sea,


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