Believe the impossible

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The Shadow Angle

She spoke in whispers and lived in the shadows. She had rainbow wings that glistened in the moon light.  She loved to dance across the sand.   To watch the water and the waves   She would sometimes wander on the shore, on those golden moonlit nights She listened and heard the happy hearts.  She visited the sad and the lonely ,the sick and the poor. She glowed from the shadows and brought joy into every room. Have you ever woke to glimpse the drifting glow, move quickly out of sight.  Well if you have you will know the shadow angel has touched your heart. For love so needed all across the world came in every window, on every moonlit night.   The colours in her wings as she glided on the rainbows and she listened for every tear.    She worked so very hard to brighten up the night. She couldn’t bear the sun.  So by day she slept in a milky cloud else she wound begin to die.   She was sent from heaven on a mission to work the night shift and care for every soul.   So much to do, so many visits.   She went to all the aching hearts.       She was given magic to share with every soul. For god have given her great gifts of power to spread the joy across the lands.

To connect the world to shine in every shadow. So sleep well and remember the shadow angel is ever near. That no one is forgotten and every tear is heard. So we should all join hands to lift the world to joy.    To see the love on every face sent from up above.

Louisa jen

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The Devil is real and he is your friend. Beware!

Cold embraces from the pitch forked, Demon of hell, Can you smell the smoke, Can you see the fire Did you hear the shriek from some unearthly creature, see them struggle but chains will not break and death will be their friend,, Look at the melting faces ,Can you hear the devil laugh ,for he fans the flames to die low, I burn too slow I burn too slow and many a friend fueled the fire and wept on their knees. As the blessed clergy declared the devil gone on that last cry. He waved goodbye to their souls and said what a happy day for paradise is near and the devil danced for he had a partner a killer in a sheep’s clothing who carried a bible and prostrated himself before hell.

There is no voice no words I am expected to say you blame and tease in cruel jesting and sloganism. Be happy Be strong stay silent and maybe the abuser will see his own fault make his own crime hahahah like asking the devil to put out the fire when he lives for the flame.

Once I did believe all things were possible but no more the pain became so great. From my hope and from my love given freely came abuse. No I dont believe in love any more. Love is cruel abuse from every source I find no kindness. LOVE what is LOVE a reason to abuse.

The sun hung in the evening sky like a golden orb adrift in ribbons of fire consuming the light in incremental moments of spiritual perpetuity Awe inspiring moments reflected and held within the spectrum of earthly atmospheric drama This mere cosmic routine, miraculous in the reality of day and night we cast our eyes into the heavens and perceive the dying light wonderment silence realisation of our own smallness amongst the mortal souls Believe in eternity believe in power believe in the unbelievable What mighty hand created this world without end

louisa jen

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