Let me mourn the death of my LOVE

The boy who looked at the sky and the girl on the other side’

Two children one being older than the other. Both on a path and making their way ,both living their story. One from the east and one from the west. One so important and the other so ordinary. They looked at the sky from different sides of the world. The wind, the rain, the sunset red, or sunset grey. Time moving always past the clock face ticking their lives away. Each travelled the world, both married and both savored their lives. One being older than the other, They both felt brave in the world until the light began to dim. She looked to the moon for answers she cried like a wolf in the silence of the night. The devil sat down and said he can fix it and for a moment she believed and she got lost in the whirling light of social media. Each night she watched the stars and wished and each night the moon made promises. One night she was visited by an angle who said lean on me. I will light your way and out of love she saw a light. A heaven sent celestial light who beckoned her to rest. The boy, a man of such greatness never noticed the moon. He saw the stars instead so bright in the sky. So each sunset he watched but each breeze he felt something stir in that breeze. Perhaps a wish on the wind, perhaps a heart from far away. A longing from afar and he began to grow afraid and he pulled down the blind and he closed the door. She sat and cried for a long time when the angel said don’t look at the moon any more close the door pull down the blinds. So she spent her days writing and praying trying not to cry or to look at the sky and she never wished on the moon for her heart was broken.

The roses grew from the grave and thorns spread all over the beautiful rose bush evil sometimes come looking beautiful. The poison sinks deep into the soul of the rose.

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The Light of the universe has risen in my heart like the sun over the horizon and it will never set

Kindness which is not balanced with firmness is weakness.

I think I must be the saddest girl and really I have no reason that people can see except they cant see my broken heart.

They dont see the roses on your grave or the days I visit there to wish that you were here.

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Purposeful actions can assist in your desires keep kicking and hope the dust turns to gold

MINDSET Tutorial one on our life journey together lets begin by really looking into our own minds and begin to see because many look but do not see.

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This page is a learning page for myself as well as for those who read it. Each of us are working towards something that makes us feel whole or satisfied with our lives. But to do this I recommend a new mindset. I don’t mean you sit and meditate, though meditation can give you detachment from pain and anxiety. What I mean is to become active in your new mindset. We all have aspirations and they can be as varied as getting a better job or qualification to finding love. Along with this new mindset comes responsibility and realization that its not always your fault if your relationship is unhealthy but to find the best outcome for yourself. That does not mean others cannot help you. But if you want to be strong in yourself then its best to start from the inside out. I know that is sometimes very dangerous. I say that because many abused women are caught in dangerous liaison’s. I don’t recommend open conflicts with such individuals. Please take your own safety into account when reading my advice. People cannot know your exact situations so I’m not preaching only advising so having covered that I shall continue on. My biggest fault has been living in my past. This is your starting point and It is not always from your own fault or choice. That is simply too artificial in summery and rather too to dismissive of life’s challenges by others. That’s like saying well you got the drivers license so the catastrophic car crash which killed x amount of people was a choice you made and that is ridiculous. No one chooses to have such an event or a medical issue but out of the numerous radical traumatic events you have to step and dust off as best you can to begin again. Even here injuries may hold us back but you have to fight the urge to surrender. To move forward you have to wake each day with a new force of energy. Each day you must accept what has gone before and I don’t say this is as easy as some seem to think. Its like this others have not walked in that person’s shoes so no judgment is required but encouragement is. You can start at any point to become a new version of yourself. Age is not a consideration only in as much as physicality but some disabled people have to surmount great obstacles. So don’t think you are held back by inability to run a mile there are other ways to get to where you are going. The writer keeps writing and the athlete keeps training and there is no right or wrong way as long as you are moving forward and finding solutions to the inertia and that rest does not become your main characteristic within yourself. Im not going to say anything is easy but accepting the past is essential to moving forward. The world is not easy for everyone and too often the well healed or wealthy are too quick to argue that all things are possible. There have been numerous studies to prove that advantage comes with elite schooling and not always because of the brilliance of the individual. I am noting this and I see that equation of social disadvantage but you cant start off by saying I cant do it. You must start from where ever you are in life with positivity as your guiding light. To begin again to reset the dial and be the beautiful person you were meant to be. This is your main challenge to kick start your thinking and realize that your thoughts are emotions which although powerful can be tamed. Nothing must stop you from your new beginning your new mindset. Your acceptance of what has gone before. I know with every experience come an emotional debt but after the danger has passed after your healing has begun you must begin again.. With great LOVE I wish all well and good health. tutorial two coming. Do exercise do what you can do.

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God is always with us no matter the religion and he sends his angels to be ever near to us..

Fools and Mortals die on battlefields transfixed in their heroic moments /Brave souls haunt this house shadows of what use to be /too long the days of living/ bleeding tears of blood life ebbs and flows closer to the precipitous step /god guides they say unconditional love they say /the silence kept the cold veneer but one day an angel will come and lead me to cool waters/ I will not be sad for the light will be so bright like pure diamond glittering in the night skies/ like stars that I did wish upon /Nay have no fear for each will find his time has come.

louisa jen


The dagger came when least expected

I turned and you were there

A look ,that look of death upon your face

Yet it was only a reflection of me

Reality and fantasy blurred

Clear crystal moments

Blood on your hands

Belated debate

Questions unanswered

Beat no more

Life is a mystery tour

A life is past

louisa jen

magic is created in the imagination and in the early days of witches was the desire to create from the natural world a control mechanism for ill health or for nature ,work in agriculture and appeasement to the natural world which was imbued with powers. From animals to natural plants for medicinal and then came comfort for the patient and family hence the shaman or witch doctor or witch comfort and control so important

good fortune to you all.

we sit you and I in this silent room i watch the ticking clock How many times have i done this before When the others road has ended I heard silent cries saw pain within there eyes I promise id be there until the very end Now here i sit with my precious other see the ebb and tide you were gone long before you died I kissed your hand and said goodbye then on the hour appointed silence entered the room I looked and you were gone I held my head and my tears ran like rain dripping threw my fingers to the floor oh please come back oh please come back I whispered in my prayer

louise jensen


The moment you left I began to cry and that’s now 3 years how stupid is that. I get up and I feel ok I begin to enjoy and then just some small thing will be said heard or thought and it begins again. Tissue boxes I have wasted and each time is pain. I stop and I say weep no more but I think I will forever weep those silent tears.

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