How do you know you love someone ????

My Romeo must be caught in the pandemic he must have died for he hath not come. My heart doth weep as Ophelia did in Hamlet.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Hearts get broken sometimes fixable via surgery some time physiology is adaptive. But some hearts are so sad from loss or unrequited love they will never mend. Call it obsession or call it love all I know is tears continue to fall. A broken heart which is sad can remain forever broken, it does not pass especially if you still love. People have to recover because the other person feels no love or the other person has passed. So one has to accept the consequence of loving and friends say you are stupid but some forget more easily than others. What is love then what does a heart weigh, what is its function just to beat and to keep alive its broken owner. NO love hurts and does sadness affect a heart can people die of a broken heart. This is where mechanical hearts can abide in that cold serendipity of ice which forms where no warmth is found inside that vacant chest that torn heart. Souls are not taken into account the Inca civilization and its sun depended on torn hearts and blood how cold the high Priest and his evil quest. Do not break a heart maybe they will be forever broken. The one I love already knows he is loved !!!!!love remains!!!!! I I just want to thank all the kind and lovely people who chose to give me a follow and lifted my spirits and gave me so much enthusiasm and love thankyou so much it means a lot to me..

so many thankyous

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