light can be viewed as actual light or a renewed vision of life. A reverence for life and people an awakening of truth. A truth that can be beyond ones own experiences or understanding of life. To educate or be educated is a powerful force to enlightenment and that very concept can be a great tool to find your own inner self. We all have inner journeys that can aid understanding and bring back a joy that may have been lost along the way. People experience life in different ways some suffer more than others some have joy more than others no path is exactly the same. Each path has a value and affords us unique perspectives to one another. Each experience should be spoken of and shared so allow others to see a better way or a different way. I have no hard and fast rules as to peoples religions and different racial background each has something to teach us. Cultures teach as adaptability and that man is a creative efficient creature. The mind is powerful and seeks to survive in any situation through purposeful diversions and memories redefined. Light can refer to goodness or godliness in whatever way go to the light of kindness and bask in its goodness and free your mind of evil and walk in love.

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i am me and that is all i can be.