Love and curiosity

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The days when men worked the sails and imagine the heavy seas on board those wooden ships how brave the men where. I have been reading of those times and cant stop thinking of those open seas.The drama the adventure the complete daring do.

Pirate ships worked out of the Caribbean and Jamaice as a shipping lane brought the trade ships in this direction.

Barques, Brigs, Brigantines, battleships,Carravels Carracks,Clippers,Cutters,Frigates Galleons,Sloops,Schooners and Pinnacles.

Frigate is 6 cannon two mask that is 2x size bigger than the sloop but smaller than the galleon.

Galleon two mask with 20 cannons and 140 crew not as fast as a frigate but more intimidating,not as manaevourable as a frigate or a sloop but more fire power




Creativity is so closely aligned to survival from art to writing or any innovative endeavor that brings imagination to play with our reality of daily lives. Almost every interaction involves a moment of imagination. There is an ephemeral quality of the spiritual which lifts us out of the mundane life we live. Fantasy is as real as fiction or at least so closely aligned with reality its scary. Look back at history and realize witches were simply people who were different or old women who lived in old homes alone.

Writing has a cleansing effect on the mind. I’m not going to say therapeutic because imagination although we see things from our own perspective is a determinant for dreaming rather than facing our problems head on. Think about that!, some might say its an avoidance tactic of the bigger picture but hey if you cant face it what are you to do. louisa J

The stars will point the way to love and in the sunrise and the sunset memories will come of you.

love letters from the heart are the closest thing to magic I know beyond all other types of enchantments. Love letters from the soul from that magical heart that connects us to our twin flame where ever that person might be in the world. A most precious connection love a force like no other it will move people to move mountains to come together.


Witches magic on cresant moons stars sprinkle the skies gallery love distinguished and miracles with the mystery of enchantment lust is the nights sparkling diamond beauty in the sunset passion in the heart and sunrise dreaming

Louisa jen

2 thoughts on “Love and curiosity

  1. Thanks for your beautiful writing,
    Thanks very much for the credit, which also I humbly decline to accept,
    Write is most beautiful keeps the energy high to adventures and in a way everytime reliving the previous past moments which one always cherishes in beautiful contemplation,
    Keep it up dear friend, your life experiences travels and stories are amazing and truly worth it to maintain a beautiful blog .. keep growing, exploring, and hunger for more..


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