The sounds of the forest / water pouring from a waterfall/Birds and butterflies flit away /snakes keep an eye out do not stray too far in the deep grass/ kangaroos hop and wombats dig/ such a circus of leeches deep in the mud/ carry salt and wash them away/ The dreams of ferns and fairies and if you listen carefully you will hear them singing/ Oh such a dream in the sunlight but such a fearful night /mosquitoes and bugs and beetles surprise stay by the fire and stay till dawn then mists will rise as the sun comes to play.

louisa jen

Angel ghosts and shadows are all collided into the present

The angel that never cried is a beautiful and terrifying thought

empathy or hardened mmm not sure but beautiful to be so calm

love eternal within my soul for all things

This year has been painful sad lonely but i have learnt so much

Thankyou God for all my misfortunes and my faults

I am far from perfect but that is no surprise but you love me anyway

indeed a glorious thing to let the past be the past stepping into the present I have done more easily now t

Shadow angel

Looking from the shadows I saw a ghost, I was not afraid because the ghost was me, Ohh she glowed with love for me and I knew she would never leave me,, She was not like any other angel for she cast a shadow as she walked,, I knew she was real for god had sent her to me,, My happiness depends on her and she smiled at me and her sparkles showed. She had rainbow wings perfect in my sight. The room glowed with her reflection. The shadow across the floor I looked back at the mirror and saw that it was me.

Broome wa pearls

Pearls rare and beautiful

Divers from japan

depths that killed

Search the precious ocean floor

Swept like a broom

beauty beyond compare

white at my neck

sparkling cream to caress my skin

oh that I had a pearl so rare.

louisa jen

Recitations on love by louisa Jen

Gods Request

It must have been Gods request for me to love you best

I saw your face my greatest crime

I didnt know the rest

I quickly learnt who you were what sort of man

Then came the testing times

I know God wanted me to love you

For I was powerless against your charms

I came not to harm but to dis-arm

To help you stand in all the light

To make you see you shone so bright

louisa jen

What is love

Bitter and savage your love

Was I so cruel when I did love so hard

A shadow of oneself now a ghost

Is love the silent voice without trust

That two way street which blames the other

Love that punishes the one who loved you

Live by the sword, die by the sword/ Lions and cruel intent

One day you will feel / One day you will cry /But it is not this day

You taste blood and consume it with relish

You want me to perish

You want never to see my face

Your heart is cold made of ice

Only the devils flame will melt that heart

Jest and slogan and watch my soul die

shadows and ghosts cry

Watch me die

rip out my heart and cease my power

Watch the winner take it all.

Louisa Jen

The butterfly

The butterfly sighed and cried

The humming bird stirred

What is the matter ,she said with a humming sound

The flowers are dying and I will not be here tomorrow

humming bird looked puzzled ,why are you going somewhere?

Yes you see time is my preoccupation

I asked a fairy but she would not say she just smiled and said go play

I danced in the sun and swirled in the air without a care

But now Im worried as the sun is fading

The humming bird said, Ill stay by your side you wont be afraid

As the sun turns it becomes a rainbow

Red and blue in the sky, Butterfly sighed

she forgot the time and the bell began to chime

Butterfly faded away

Humming bird smiled

time waits for no one ,not even a humming Bird.

what is love do you think it was love or was it never love? The Lament of our love!

I didn’t see you leave you left so early like a ghost I wandered from the shadows, I searched with hope but you are gone. You blamed me and I felt betrayed I have cried a million tears for you.. Go but remember I felt so sure we were meant to be. Maybe in another life or if you had let yourself care. It doesn’t matter in the end all things die even hearts. Love always and forever.

Thy love

What of the flame in the lamp

0 thou who desirest a glimp of that Face.

Thou needest eyes other than those in thy head

Dost thou wish to miss none of those Glances ?

Thou must have eyes in the heart, and within them yet other eye.s.”

The love of thee is not to be bought by every buyer

 Thy love is not a rose which blooms in streets

Find not fault with others, for thou, too, art one of the throng.

  In loving  ones one must accustom one’s self to madness,

 One must lead one’s soul to the endurance of .separation.

One must become as a bottle filled with blood.

And then pour one’s heart out at one’s eye.s.”

the path of love of our beloved.

To stand ever with the sacred thread of idolatry

A rose-garden of beauty Is the cheek of my enslaver.

Whenever, from the fierceness of love’s fire,

I burst into flame like a candle,

The flame ever and anon heats against me like a moth.

Since my love has assured himself of ray fidelity and love

Would that I had never submitted  of a test !

If I should become a partaker of thy heart

It will be possible for me to convey a hundred tales in one word.

So common has the content of opulence become in the age of  magnanimity

That the soulless body turns with to life eternal.

There is no king like me to-day in the kingdom of eloquence,

O ye, beloved of the virgin of reality, when my thoughts soar

They display their beauty through the windows of heaven.”


In the dark the visions came ,ripping my soul apart . Demons tore at my flesh so weak I quivered. Desolate of feeling ,overrun with wicked emotion. Bleed said the Devil in writhing emotive lust. In the dark my heart beat hard images of hell cast deep in my mind, What evil is this that dares to find me. What evil comes in the dark like a monster from my desires. Burn, I burn like a flame and my skin is wet with oil. Set alight in my lamp to touch the dream or to touch the dreamers wish. His skin dark and warm his kiss lethal to my surrender. To drink the water of the soul ,like a vampire drinks blood. My desire flesh and wine. Drunk on a fantasy of flames in the dark in the dark hidden from view. Cast like actor on a stage and my imagination the golden key.

What moves the waves ?what power can hold back the tide ,then to drive it forward? , oh that I was the moon with such force ,with such a heart as warriors have? Did I put down the sword? Did I throw the shield from sight? Did I lose too many battles? Did I have no heart for the fight, Was the wound too deep and did it fester with poison upon my soul, Do you see the moon ? Do you gaze at the sunrise with tears in your eyes? What brave soul did bear me hence to this field of flowers. Did I feel the gravity or did the weight just slowly bear me downward? Then the rain came and did not stop. The sun ,the sky, white fluffy clouds to dream upon. Burnt by that blaze from those flames, heaven sent to that bleeding ground where so many souls grow leaves and roses. Shadows across the path that beacons me home. Cold hard desire neglect and disenchantment, killed the dove. Now it lies with death upon its face bound to rest in peace with this silent epitaph/ rip

louisa jen

Did you think I didn’t love you well you are wrong! Did you think I didn’t want to be with you well you are wrong! Did you think I wanted to let you go well you were wrong ! You didn’t ever want me and so I had tp go! Did you think I have forgotten you well you are wrong! Did you think you were replaceable well you were wrong! Did you think Im odd well you are right Im odd only one will do!

What is LOVE its you!

VOICES Can thy not hear the voices, They scream at me daily, They cry, They plead, I can discern some who make muffled sounds, Oh my heart will burst, The job was before me, Thy lady paid me with a gold sovereign, Tears ran down her face, The black mask covered my sorrow. She stood silent she made the sign of the cross. I repeat when ye be ready raise a finger of your right hand , she nodded, She cast her eyes into mine, I did not look away, Be brave she said my turn to acknowledge her request and I too nodded. The sawdust lay in front of the block . The notice read, the clergy blessing done, She turned again to me and offered ‘give me a moment after I kneel’. I did a small bow as a curtesy to her heroic mood her tear was gone she was resolute. I stepped back so her fear was lessened and she knelt placed her head to rest upon the block. I stepped to the right and when I saw her shut her eyes to say her final prayer as asked I waited not, I struck bravely holding nothing back. She was gone in that moment, I wiped the blood from my blade. A cry went up from the crowd ,her body placed into her coffin as one once more. I went to prayer and thanked the lord for giving me the strength to gift her death in sudden silence. I will not say I am proud for my job is one that many will not do but I was glad it was a swift deliverance an unexpected hope for fear I know was there. But now she rests in gods great arms. I shall forever see that beautiful face in my dreams and she will be in paradise with a grateful heart. Love comes in many unexpected ways.

The blue

will we defend our world with all our might?

Its environment and its animals

The blue under force of arms

What century do we live in?

This nano/ techno mechanistic dream

Poison swirls around the atmosphere and in the very air we breath

Warnings and hope are the heart beats in every land

We are one people, one race

We are interconnected

Love in bondage

We are the blue planet

Louisa jensen

A soul in Transit.     Love  makes fools of us all  and I am more fool than most.   Reflections of your own eyes in mine.   A  strange concoction of love ,lust ,anger and obsession.    Do you note it? Do you feel it ?   Eyes are the windows to the soul or so they say.  The tears of fools  blind the view  and  struggle as you might my eyes hold you tight. To kiss love fortune or to say good night such a  plight.  Moment to moment we fight it out in grave distress.   We are blessed for god loved us so, he made our souls grow.  You laughed at me and mocked,  my foolish heart but you see the pain is great and never the end is known.     At least not to the love sick fool such as me. Forgiveness  is love and part well met in hearts despair.  Farewell                                                                                                                                                                  louisa

HEARTBEATS OF LOVE You are never forgotten don’t let your mind betray this thought for you know, you know from that moment. Forgiveness for the loving heart no hurt intended just pure adoration. Surprisingly shockingly suspension breathless, like the moon shone to bright and perhaps it affected my mind. Your demeanor your look ohhhh your look ,your heart your everything set my heart to flame and it burns so. I am sorry I hide from you but I am not worthy. Love you prayed would stray far from you and that desire I have given for love and abandonment are surely the same coin flipped over. Ohhhh tears and tears the river flows and would if ever present eye’s met eye’s for love still rains. And well is meant and maybe that’s really love to see and seek but not to harm in any way but rather to just admire for is ever lasting and even if never touched my heart still feels. True love pure of imperfections forever ethereal. Too long my days of living and wishing it is far better to be a shadow and you are set free by loves sunshine. Prayers are yours the best of miracles you have seen and accepted but my heart still desires touch for souls are love unencumbered free to drift where one desires. Loves always from one to the other.

unconditional Love with detachment is impossible, sexuality is possible without love, love is emotional to join together. So love is inclusiveness.


Mechanical Hearts

Love is a game often lost in time Mechanical hearts are perfect no pain , no feeling. Its just like a clock ticking Blood and Bond give way to singular beats of cold embraces Often told I’m loved often told I’m beautiful Imperfect cold determinations and virginal destinations What is love to live your life in comfort believing or embrace poverty and hope NO easy answer when at that sensible age, better to have a mechanical heart.

I am kind, I am intelligent and beautiful, I have a bachelor degree in social sciences and History. I am not egotistical. love is the only light I see.

I have noticed that Instagram is a confusion of messages, real or scammers creating harm. Prayers and protestations of love from unknown sources. My love has gone away but with connection it can be found.

loves wings

Its in writing or creating I find solace. The mind haunts your image and dreams of days now past. Why did this come, what affliction have I been given. No normal illness for it surely would have passed. Tis enchantments from another place. Perhaps from a secret hearth that only a Sharman might travel too. Or perhaps a whirling Dervish on the edge of delusion so transfixed and yet so lucid. Love has wings that are heavenly sent of angels so nay don’t question the heart. Lest you ruin the magic connection of the soul.

louisa Jen

A soul in Transit. Love makes fools of us all and I am more fool than most. Reflections of your own eyes in mine. A strange concoction of love ,lust ,anger and obsession. Do you note it? Do you feel it ? Eyes are the windows to the soul or so they say. You have fallen, you have lost your way, fallen deep into limpid pools of love. Tears of fools blind the view and struggle as you might my eyes hold you tight. To kiss love fortune or to say good night such a plight. Moment to moment we fight it out in grave distress. We are blessed for god loved us so, he made our souls grow. You laughed at me and mocked, my foolish heart but you see the pain is great and never the end is known. At least not to the love sick fool such as me. Forgiveness is love and part well met in hearts despair. Farewell A revelation the voices resonate

The vote

The Vote

Echo’s reverberate down through the ages on democratic pages

Liberty in lexicon by Collin’s definition is freedom of expression

Opinion polls to squash and squelch

Flash and pop the cameras click in a media feeding frenzy

PR dictates a new agenda

A ministry of propaganda and re-enlightenment enlisted

The government so supposes that they all should smell like roses

A vote should be taken and censorship reinstated

Is the edge of doom found in an editor’s room?

Or does the publication owe a debt of consternation

No journalist cunning to have the tricksters running

No anarchist ideas

No picture reported

No reporter unscripted

Save the words that do not sting let the power bell ring in triumphant tones

No news to confuse the population

Freedom house in verse abridged would denounce the notion

Equality the victim of infringement

Even Ashoka would be shaken to his Buddhist core

Let the faceless men wheel and deal

Let fear of publication pass into the realm of negotiation

Let predator infestation be assigned to criminal investigation

Leave only a token to be spoken

Let the editor be stringent

Let white out paint the story

Keep the peaceful silence

Leave the skeleton in the closet

Let the print be for interpretation and don’t rattle the bones on mobile phones

No whistle blowers blowing to disturb the news from flowing

No little bird singing to set commissions zinging

No type writers ringing raising ire by mistake

No media conjecture in the hallowed halls of power

Let the vultures gather to masticate the morsels

The gravy train will kill you, if the driver doesn’t break

Put the champaign on ice as they rise to the top

Print complaints in invisible ink

Unfettered with the social graces they sink their teeth into the mineral leases

The ideal of liberty whipped and beaten

No blood in the streets, no ambulance needed

No breaking news only a transcript of old

Just crooked and bent the reel that spin in full digital exposure

Reporters eulogize while the cameras roll

Look at them now

How they deny

Blame someone else they cry

The bulletin sensation

No herald should be silent

No hush extended

No headline surrendered

The country applauded with indignation

Lest tyranny be disguised in fain discussion

The media legislation brought to a hue and cry

The hammer bangs down

The vote came around

Seal the deal

The speaker has spoken

Freedom of the press win the day but let’s not be complacent

Nor labour the fact, the attempt was taken

So, keep on your guard, lest we forget

They would indelibly

Print with invisible ink

louisa jensen

  I wrote this poem a few years back  ….This  vote in parliament was caused by two gov ministers  who wanted to censor the press because they had indeed been the orchestraters of fraud buying land for cheap prices off citizen owners knowing there were rich mineral leases available to them in a web of  deceits and profiting  millions overnight 

copywright always belongs to louise jensen for all writings on this blog.


louisa jen

The moon a mystic’s power

 beams fracture and reflect

streams ripple in celestial light

Imagination looms in shadow’s cast

Wolves howl and witches fly

Crescent moon’s whispered love

Dreams rendered and surrendered

Illuminated in ribbons of silver

Love lost and found in the moonlight

Hearts bleed as the blood red moon

provokes the tide to turn

oh that moon lovers cry with crystal tears

wet on scarlet cheeks

Rainbow’s in heaven

Pastel refraction in ethereal mists

Crystal tears in atmospheric shades

Dreams and prayers directed at the sky

Climb the path to heaven

A stairway to miracles

Illusions or delirium

Reality is seen in that distant dream

Rainbow’s in paradise. Well do exist

Louisa Jensen1 note

sundown on the western plains

sundown on the western plains


Bespectacled and freckeled

Aged and wreckless

Tis simple thing to form a grin 😁

Unless your chin is in foldes too long to begin

Louisa Jensen

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Official Music Video)Source: music.youtube.com

magic is every where 

Poetry is an emotional journey of the soul it attempts to impart a story or an emotion to the reader in rhythms and cascading adjectives nouon or whimsical visions

Raw and Real

Loved misunderstood  and  coveted

Sadly begrudged and envied

Classified as sane or insane

Label’s , judgement and jealousy

Cruel and sad condemnation

Lost and lonely

Beautiful and benign

A delicate blend of creativity

Marilyn the movie star

 out shone the sun ☀ made the moon sick with envy

A soul is a sacred thing not to be categorised  and confined

The veneer was broken

The mirror cracked

The beating heart beat no more

rivers of tears

Yet the stars still twinkle in the atmospheric heavens

imagination has no  time frame

visions come and go as delicate memories of happier days

Louisa Jensen

The hearth

The hearth the fire side

Bliss is found in this microcosim

This world within the world

But a dark side looms from the

flickering flames in opposition to bliss

Obligation nessecity and responsabilty

Bleeding hearts 💕 torn ambitions

Captivity gives way to nightmare and rage

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble

Release the wolves to snap and growl upon the very ground of bliss

Traditional purity and pious pretense

Health and home the redeemer of lost souls

Perverse love instilled by the fire light

Redemption has its place among the beasts of hell

Visions of castles and kings lost opportunity

Love and lust played out in kingdoms

Bliss rain’s like money from heaven

Stolen moments from the hearth

Insanity relieved and hidden away from view

Louisa Jensen


where did all the time go prayers to the sky

Rainbow’s in heaven

Pastel refraction in ethereal mists

Crystal tears in atmospheric shades

Dreams and prayers directed at the sky

Climb the path to heaven

A stairway to miracles

Illusions or delirium

Reality is seen in that distant dream

Rainbow’s in paradise. Well do exist

Louisa Jensen1 note

Italy lake como

Make a wish its magic


Mask people wear

Bittersweet the bonds of love so brutal

My heart bleeding filled with kisses from hell

An eternity in tormented dreams

My prayers given to celestial hope

love broken then redeemed

Memories diminished to grey

shadows across my path

roses bloom in the grave yard

Silence echoes through the  night.

louisa jen


Norfolk island

I have travelled here and travelled there but never left my heart in any other place

The beauty of the world surrounds me in this quiet repose on the shores of Norfolk island  

An echo from the past  but memory almost forgot  the name of slaughter bay

A prisoner’s retreat and Englands shame convicted souls lost here in histories page

Oh how suffering went before and yet here I sat to see the beauty which once had heard the cries

when will we learn to love

louisa jensen


One thought on “poetry

  1. Beautiful reminiscing.. a lament 🍂🍂🍁🍁..
    but poetry is a promise for joyful fulfilling freedom which lies ahead in the form of new endeavours adventures.. so go for it .. the possibilities are endless.. 🕯️🌼🌼💝

    Liked by 1 person

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