you know me and therefore you know my heart

you know the days have not been kind

you know my anger and my  sadness

A  change has come and I see real love

its so intense, its unexplainable and the longing is cruel

love has finally revealed itself  to me

I have been neglected and accepted

I have  gifted my  heart and had it returned

It matters not  for the gift was pure

no anger remains just moments of deep regret

not at love but at my foolish heart

The world is a place of actors

Of masks and parts but I am an honest soul

I played no part nor wore a mask

If I am the butt of  jokes so let it be so.


Did you see the sun it rises each day

Did you see the moon and the mystic love

Did you feel love on the north wind

The days are long and the grasses blow across the fields

Red dirt from the inner southern land

Let the  land feel  let the people feel

let no heart be in tears.


Every bear is a bear ,Every heart is a heart


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i am me and that is all i can be.