Coffee and art

Have a happy day flutterers even if your cross.

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An over thinker who needs coffee

To be able to laugh at yourself and your culture is freedom

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Yellow roses

Yellow roses in the garden

The bride wore white

Morning tea and butterflies

Such  beauty in the garden

Happy smiles with loves embrace

Sunshine  and yellow roses

The scent of lavender

The scent of Rosemary

Love in the garden

I remember

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Enjoy your day started best with coffee  and Poetry

The  gift

Cold hearts and dark places

Shadows adrift in the moonlight

Evil unseen with a trusting heart

Love a quest too abstract to imagine

Forgiveness and condemnation

Brought low by loves disguise

Redemption found  yet the dagger unseen

Blood by my own hands

Blind intention accursed

I was in the dark


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A coin for coffee

You can pay in flutterbys cash lol a real coin I received in change on one occassion.

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