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Lightening Ridge is in the western plain of Australia it has thermal swim pool and rich deposits of opal. The Japanese buyers fly in and buy up as much opal as they can from the miners for I believe opal is greatly valued by the Japanese population.

The place is an interesting mix of people who want freedom via a minors lease which allows you to build what you like and nil rental. There are miners and artist who love the landscape along with the many tourist who arrive to enjoy the outback and the beautiful night skies along with an all over feeling of joy.

Goat races a great amount of fun, goats by the way have no directions, one buys a goat as in picked a goat got a ticket and awaited the outcome, laughter was the main topic no real winnings lol

goat races
searching for an opal found many in the opal shops lol

Beginings to adventure and a search for my past a trip to lightening ridge

I want to begin my travel page again and speak of my younger years growing up in the country. In the western plains of oz (Australia) and moving with the family to new homes my father, a return service man (ww2) then working on the railways. It began with exciting days spent playing on the trains as they shunted back and forth and my brother and I watching my father couple and uncouple cars and riding on fettler trikes. Of imagining places from picture books and added to this the small journeys taken with my parents and as a child looking for opals in Lightening ridge or visiting the big smoke as they would call sydney . All this was slowly building a base of adventure in my spirit and making a claim of hard work deserves joy as well as a living. Life takes many turns and our journey’s may entail disasters and believe me i have had plenty of disasters. I married young had my first child and was living in a caravan and we set out to find work from nsw travelling , pulling a caravan 1200 miles and finding work in Brisbane then one night a flood 1973 at the midnight hour voices of a screaming person alerting all to the disaster in progress. Let me recap rain had been constantly falling for well over two weeks and the caravan park was situated on the bend of a river and the water this night cut across the bend as we were sleeping washing many people down a gully and into the rushing waters . To our luck a man had returned from a late night outing and seeing the disaster unfolding he ran from van to van banging on doors and calling for every one to get out. He sacrificed his own van and car to wake others saving many … so waking i opened the door to rushing water , wearing nothing but a tshirt i stepped out of the van into rushing water carrying my baby son , it was then the sas and police rescue began picking people from the waters we were then placed in peoples homes and then moved further up the hill to a school were we slept on the floor until a kind man took us home to his place and of course there is much more to tell but in the end the waters receded we had nothing left all past photos gone we were given a bundle of relief food and clothes and baby items and 500$ for loss of caravan and car government funds for disaster so hard work redeemed our situation and we travelled back to nsw to work I will leave my story here for this moment and go back to the future and begin my travels within australia. Apart from many camping trips , camp fires and tents, I had a messy divorce and a new partner I travelled back to see my humble beginnings as people often do. So I begin this blog with my travels to Lightning Ridge. My life has been a messy adventure which if you follow me you will be sure to read it has been a life so full of challenges and always driven by hard work love and god for only he can lead where i must follow.

camping not glamping
preparing the camp site

beautiful night skies
facilities perfection hole in the ground
walk in mines
better facilities lol
yabby races at grawan a small pub with happy people again buy a yabby put him in a bucket draw a circle place bucket in centre turn over and hope your yabby makes the chalked edge first.
A view of the ground

Magic is everywhere

Dreams are what people live for take away imagination and dreams and people like flowers wilt and die.

All writings on flutterbys and poetry remain

louisa jen – psuedonym

the intellectual property of its author louise jensen

Thanks for joining me!

welcome to flutterbys I am Louisa

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I wanted to make my Blog a place where adults or children could enjoy a few of my stories pictures and bibs and bobs so welcome i hope you find some little thing to amuse you. love louisa


Firelight firelight flickering in the breeze  The sparkling embers swirl into   the heavens high To join the stars in cosmic union firelight, firelight  hearts are torn and drawn into the flames magic in the dance that leaps into the sky blackness entreats the souls to linger in the silence  wonderment pulls the flames  high into the stars The connection ephemeral  precious atmospheric dust sparkling on high

louisa j

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