London- uk/china

Heathrow airport excitement and thrills caught a shuttle to hotel we had only a few days in London before starting a tour of britain and so we caught buses and the tube and walked our feet off but such a great time. It was winter and the cold was bracing the pubs were warm and the food great. I havent spent enough time in Britain but the time spent was totally enjoyable.

trafalgar square and Buckingham palace
botanical gardens london
iconic homes now apartments with their key gardens
westminister cathedral and big ben
buses and fun
Prince albert monument in front of the albert hall place of royal performances
london tower once a prison and the place of the royal jewels and armours
london bridge on a very rainy day

Really just so much to see in london plus museum ,art galleries eateries unique pubs and wonderful atmosphere shopping just so much more take for example: STONEHENGE Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in wiltshire 3km west of amesbury It consists of standing stones founded bronze age constructed 2200 bc legally protected as a unesco heritage site owned by the crown and national trust. debate as to total purposes religious/astrological and speculation continues as to the many aspects of stonehenge.

Anne Hathaway became Mrs william shakespear the irony she never learnt to read while william became a legend of the Elizabethan theatre their home is below. stratford was set upon the river Avon and was a medievil market town and the birthplace of william shakespear . The shire is warwickshire.

original home of Anne hathaway is a 12 room farm house where anne grew up .
The Shambles is an obsolete term for slaughterhouse where meat was dressed and killed.
Dated as Anglo saxon the shelves in these building were called fleshammels and meat was displayed in this manner. York was a walled city and these can still be seen today.

Roman occupation saw the baths used as you would a gym and a temple room with the warming waters.

Coolmore stud in fethard Tipperary largest breeding stud for race horses such a worth while tour beautiful animals and very interesting education.
Dublin Art works

waterford and Saratoga where the Kennedy family stayed after the Assasination of john f Kennedy president of the usa they visited this small pub on the waterfront

Saratoga pub near a beach very popular with many famous people such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Cardiff Castle

Henry often stayed in cardiff castle
Tours are fantastic 2000 years of history and enjoy views from the keep set in parklands in Wales

we crossed from ireland to wales via the ferry stopping at waterford to see crystal making and enjoyed a luncheon or two so much more to enjoy.

I will stop here as it was back to london and catch the ferry to calais France and another adventure