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Keys will open doors

Keys will open a safe

Keys will open a secret garden

Keys will not open flesh and blood

Keys will lock a treasure chest

Keys will keep gold safe in a vault

But no key will open a broken and dead heart.



songs are poetry put to music

Dark spirits haunt me

Sinister birds of prey encircle me

Ravin’s the black magic in the sky

Snakes slide across the headstones

Lost in the grave yard of memories

Death of heart and soul

Cold embraces of ghosts

Tear for the forgotten

Love abides

just a number/ do you know or do you not know what a magnificent obsession it was. Have a beautiful life this open letter is to the most handsome man I have ever seen. All was a gift of love from one heart to another no return to sender no debt incurred and magic sent from number 201.

Old people like old maps are fascinating beyond belief to examine the old world as they knew it. Or maybe to take an adventure some where you haven’t been before along an old unknown road. I do love adventures but of course you need the ready cash to just up and go and thats not always possible but if you dream hard enough you will be there in but a moment no drugs required lol. They are an art all of their own ahh to explore to go where no man has gone before wait that was star trek.

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The Blackened ground, the battlefield, blood amongst the leaves which float like spirits in the breeze, Peoples living and spent surround the globe in blue horizons of belief both past and present. Love interconnects in the continuum of history. In that daily sequence which is not perceptively different but in the extreme is distinct. That life that connects souls from the ancient to the bridge of spirit which leads into every heart. look to the stars and the sun, do you see heaven do you see paradise do you see the souls surrounding our blue planet. Look beyond the self, look to the light of both day and night. Please now do you see the light, do you see the light.


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shadows across my path

An ode to my handsome Prince who never came. Oh look how beautiful you have become , I gaze at you and imagine you in my memories eye. I think I dreamed you into existence or maybe from a forgotten past life a memory stirred. I have grown old and you have become the handsome knight I dreamed so often of. I will sleep as sleeping beauty did, never to be woken. Love beyond desire, beyond pride. Love is a gift from the heart to another heart./ Louisa

A rose forever frozen in time

The hour is late or early and the day light comes as I lay in sleepless wonder of hope, thoughts race across my mind yet another simple mood or season they say…how can there be true love if you believe no emotion is real that no heart is pure of imperfections of motive….how sad the dreamer who kills the dream with his own warped realities…be the man who creates his own heart and allows his soul to become more than a seasonal change..

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What punishment do you apply yourself, how do you measure your situation. Do you rationalize and give due diligence, do you justify your decision marking the hour of your judgement, suicide or impoverishment which best suits your crime…did you know you judge your heart too cruel give measure for measure of mercy to thy soul and thirst for redemption. love thy heart and so a moment of grace would be given from an angle..

The winner takes it all and that is life, no heart survives the pain .no love is given ,no kindness shown losers are set under the hoof of reality, winners laugh all the way.. They laugh at the ones who failed and think themselves god given such ego’s are reptilian or rather they are dragon’s who breath fire and power. But do remember the brave of heart St george who killed the dragon. So come down from your lofty height lest people rise to meet their fear with sword and shield.

st george and the dragon

The sun shines

The ocean rolls and caresses the shore

Birds fly and drift on the winds

The moon shimmers across the seas

The world turns and waves crash upon the sands

The sun shines

The swimmers swim

The sun shines.

There are days when life seems too hard

Days when my heart won’t beat, days when tears roll constantly down my cheeks

Days when all I have is faith and their is no love

The thought of you sustains me and my continued spirit wills me onward

I pray and I dream and so it is as I will die.

Death will be a friend and an angel will greet me.

All writings on flutterbys remains the

intellectual property of its author louise jensen

louisa jensen

A revelation the voices resonate

Spiralling and spinning

The Web 🕸 of design deceit and desperation

Supposed friends who feign care

Who lead like the black sheep at the slaughter yard

All mice are the same time doesn’t curb the pain of the betrayed

Increasing circles with in circles around the world we spin hacking harassment

Sedition lies upon lies

Ignorance the valued accomplice trust the evil friend

Lie in the valley of pain join hands in the valley of pain

Pain delivers pain

No country no care only blank spaces

Thank you God or bless you all for the moment

Wolves of the desert wolves of the internet

Equity in deceit compensation for the pain

Pain begats pain

My mind split the night and opened to the dawn of knowing

Louisa jen1 note

Secret world’s inside secret minds

Silence is the golden key to knowledge

Don’t cross the road to take a jewel

Don’t quest just be as the Buddha was

Eradicate human desire as it leads to suffering

Don’t quest to be more than thee

Don’t speak in rage stay cold and clear

Share not a word for if the truth is seen

Violent sadness will stain the scarlet cheeks

Knowledge is a dangerous friend

Love is a precious pain be still

Be still be silent

Be thee

Louisa jen


louisa jensen

Firelight firelight flickering in the breeze  The sparkling embers swirl into   the heavens high To join the stars in cosmic union firelight, firelight  hearts are torn and drawn into the flames magic in the dance that leaps into the sky blackness entreats the souls to linger in the silence  wonderment pulls the flames  high into the stars The connection ephemeral  precious atmospheric dust sparkling on high

The vote

The Vote

Echo’s reverberate down through the ages on democratic pages

Liberty in lexicon by Collin’s definition is freedom of expression

Opinion polls to squash and squelch

Flash and pop the cameras click in a media feeding frenzy

PR dictates a new agenda

A ministry of propaganda and re-enlightenment enlisted

The government so supposes that they all should smell like roses

A vote should be taken and censorship reinstated

Is the edge of doom found in an editor’s room?

Or does the publication owe a debt of consternation

No journalist cunning to have the tricksters running

No anarchist ideas

No picture reported

No reporter unscripted

Save the words that do not sting let the power bell ring in triumphant tones

No news to confuse the population

Freedom house in verse abridged would denounce the notion

Equality the victim of infringement

Even Ashoka would be shaken to his Buddhist core

Let the faceless men wheel and deal

Let fear of publication pass into the realm of negotiation

Let predator infestation be assigned to criminal investigation

Leave only a token to be spoken

Let the editor be stringent

Let white out paint the story

Keep the peaceful silence

Leave the skeleton in the closet

Let the print be for interpretation and don’t rattle the bones on mobile phones

No whistle blowers blowing to disturb the news from flowing

No little bird singing to set commissions zinging

No type writers ringing raising ire by mistake

No media conjecture in the hallowed halls of power

Let the vultures gather to masticate the morsels

The gravy train will kill you, if the driver doesn’t break

Put the champaign on ice as they rise to the top

Print complaints in invisible ink

Unfettered with the social graces they sink their teeth into the mineral leases

The ideal of liberty whipped and beaten

No blood in the streets, no ambulance needed

No breaking news only a transcript of old

Just crooked and bent the reel that spin in full digital exposure

Reporters eulogize while the cameras roll

Look at them now

How they deny

Blame someone else they cry

The bulletin sensation

No herald should be silent

No hush extended

No headline surrendered

The country applauded with indignation

Lest tyranny be disguised in fain discussion

The media legislation brought to a hue and cry

The hammer bangs down

The vote came around

Seal the deal

The speaker has spoken

Freedom of the press win the day but let’s not be complacent

Nor labour the fact, the attempt was taken

So, keep on your guard, lest we forget

They would indelibly

Print with invisible ink

louisa jensen

  I wrote this poem a few years back  ….This  vote in parliament was caused by two gov ministers  who wanted to censor the press because they had indeed been the orchestraters of fraud buying land for cheap prices off citizen owners knowing there were rich mineral leases available to them in a web of  deceits and profiting  millions overnight 1 note

York Henry bear is a Character in my writings by louise jensen

copywright always belongs to louise jensen for all writings on this blog…

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louise jensen


louisa jen

Russian orthodox Christian church so beautiful at  Monastry russia

The moon a mystic’s power

 beams fracture and reflect

streams ripple in celestial light

Imagination looms in shadow’s cast

Wolves howl and witches fly

Crescent moon’s whispered love

Dreams rendered and surrendered

Illuminated in ribbons of silver

Love lost and found in the moonlight

Hearts bleed as the blood red moon

provokes the tide to turn

oh that moon lovers cry with crystal tears

wet on scarlet cheeks

Unrequited love fantasy and love Did i need love  Did i need your love Or did i need the fantasy of your love since abandonment sadness grows in tears and heartache precious pain love beyond reason . louisa jensen

what of love maybe i slept too long dreaming a fantasy tale In nightmare blackness the dagger came Fearsome terror rained  undone by the light of dawn louisa jensen

Tears Tears and the beating heart wolves gather for the kill Tortured pursuit Tears rain Storm clouds black blood upon the primal ground memory the enemy love lost .louisa jensen

Forgotten god has forgotten me  I prayed for hope  I prayed for love I replied and I cried  I gave my heart rest hoping I was blessed BUT no i was lost to sad to see my way blessed and left  god has forgotten me I prayed for hope  I prayed for love  louisa jensen

BITTER LOVE Bitter sweet the bonds of love so brutal My heart bleeding filled with kisses from hell An eternity in tormented dreams My prayers given to celestial hope love broken then redeemed memories diminish to grey shadows across my path roses bloom in the garden Silence. Louisa jensen

Rainbow’s in heaven

Pastel refraction in ethereal mists

Crystal tears in atmospheric shades

Dreams and prayers directed at the sky

Climb the path to heaven

A stairway to miracles

Illusions or delirium

Reality is seen in that distant dream

Rainbow’s in paradise. Well do exist

Louisa Jensen1

sundown on the western plains


The sun hung in the evening sky like a golden orb adrift in ribbons of fire consuming the light in incremental moments of spiritual perpetuity Awe inspiring moments reflected and held within the spectrum of earthly atmospheric drama This mere cosmic routine, miraculous in the reality of day and night we cast our eyes into the heavens and perceive the dying light wonderment silence realisation of our own smallness amongst the mortal souls Believe in eternity believe in power believe in the unbelievable What mighty hand created this world without end

louisa jensen

The sea A Ship to its shore To fight the sea To crest upon its undulating force Danger given no credence here long the ocean voyage  Fearless men pitch their strength against the tide The sunsets The sunrise eternally in my soul Light and beauty amongst the  terror of the storms A ship to its shore a mighty destination louisa jensen


A much under rated exercise

You get to see the pictures of the day pass you by

I try to walk every day

All writings on flutterbys are the property of louise jensen.


Bespectacled and freckeled

Aged and wreckless

Tis simple thing to form a grin 😁

Unless your chin is in foldes too long to begin

Louisa Jensen









Louisa Jensen1 note

Isolated dreams

Dead and sad

Dreams no more

Cut the very heart ♥

Blood and tears

Dreams no more

Louisa Jensen

Travel is a amazing privilege here I am in London in 20101 note


Our day dawn’s and light greets our birth

Random choice sets the tone for environment

Circumstance attitude behaviour and affection guide us into adulthood

Kaotic transformation leads to deliberate desolation and abandonment

Character cut and carved into the beating heart

Love and empathy the spiritual emotional embers of the languages from the inner soul

Tangled experience stressful destinations and designated attractions bleeding from the moment of independent thought

Wholesale minimalist delusional philosophy

Creates a new objective life

Struggling into the sun we died

No more talk no more tears

No more work

Days gone inclined into the earth and the black 🖤 of space sometimes called heaven

The end

Louisa Jensen

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Official Music Video)Source: music.youtube.com

magic is every where 

The world is waiting to awaken

A silent killer stalks the streets

was it sent by God to take the soul’s away

To guide them on their way

Man has brought the evil upon himself

Some just cry and pray

We orchestrate our doom

The heart ♥ idealistic drifted into a dream


social media never saw the end

Mystery and mischief are the perfect storm

Revelation and destruction seems the only goal

Louisa Jensen

1 note

fantasy and love Did I need your love  Or did I need the fantasy of your love since abandonment sadness  grows in tears  heartache and precious pain love beyond reason louisa jensen


If only I could be so much more than me

Maybe then I would see so much more than we

In the sunlight I fear the moon

Oh that terrible moon that promises so much

I wish I could go beyond and never see a reflection of we

Just the sun and me and peace in thee

The crystal clear of memory and ripples in the sea

Oh I could be just me

Louisa Jensen1 note

Star crossed

I searched the moon and found it ever changing

I fell in love with a notion

Hearts 💕 in need of revelation

Both longing from afar

Neither able to know the other

And longing left to chance

The wound was deep and love suspended

imagination left me precious pain

Ahhhhh thoughts of what might have been

Crazy magic in the air

Like lightning across the skies

Regret all too familiar

Age changed the outer me but inside my dreams were real

Love is never lost but found forever in the heart ♥

Louisa Jensen

Magic is real if you look for it

A quiet voice can still be heard if you listen

Do you Care

Do you see me do you see me

You walked away without even a glance yet you held my heart in your hands

Did you look ,did you look 

A passing friend not even that was there in your cold stare

NO ,you don’t care 

what is love

what is love

louisa jensen

Poetry is an emotional journey of the soul it attempts to impart a story or an emotion to the reader in rhythms and cascading adjectives nouon or whimsical visions

Raw and Real

Loved misunderstood  and  coveted

Sadly begrudged and envied

Classified as sane or insane

Label’s , judgement and jealousy

Cruel and sad condemnation

Lost and lonely

Beautiful and benign

A delicate blend of creativity

Marilyn the movie star

 out shone the sun ☀ made the moon sick with envy

A soul is a sacred thing not to be categorised  and confined

The veneer was broken

The mirror cracked

The beating heart beat no more

rivers of tears

Yet the stars still twinkle in the atmospheric heavens

imagination has no  time frame

visions come and go as delicate memories of happier days

Louisa Jensen

The hearth

The hearth the fire side

Bliss is found in this microcosim

This world within the world

But a dark side looms from the

flickering flames in opposition to bliss

Obligation nessecity and responsabilty

Bleeding hearts 💕 torn ambitions

Captivity gives way to nightmare and rage

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble

Release the wolves to snap and growl upon the very ground of bliss

Traditional purity and pious pretense

Health and home the redeemer of lost souls

Perverse love instilled by the fire light

Redemption has its place among the beasts of hell

Visions of castles and kings lost opportunity

Love and lust played out in kingdoms

Bliss rain’s like money from heaven

Stolen moments from the hearth

Insanity relieved and hidden away from view

Louisa Jensen


where did all the time go prayers to the sky

Rainbow’s in heaven

Pastel refraction in ethereal mists

Crystal tears in atmospheric shades

Dreams and prayers directed at the sky

Climb the path to heaven

A stairway to miracles

Illusions or delirium

Reality is seen in that distant dream

Rainbow’s in paradise. Well do exist

Louisa Jensen1 note

The Path

Bells ring in the distance                                                                                 voices call us all to prayer                                                                                       Sacred text is a tangible connection                                                                        Ritual reminds us of the path                                                                      Religions have discriminated and restricted                                                            Ruled and reframed morality                                                                              Power bent and broken 

The Path may not be easy                                                                          Diversity assumes another truth                                                                              Unsure of direction we scramble in the dark                                                         To seek the certainty of light                                                                                    The lonely soul thirsts for grace

Like luminosity shining in the black of space                                                    Faith is the essence of conviction                                                                      Like perfume in a garden the aroma lingers                                                            Peace and kindness the dictum                                                               Spiritualists seek righteousness                                                                          They meditate on the inner self                                                                                Pious men pray for redemption and everlasting life

Theology has bound thought and deed together                                                     Prayer is our link to direction                                                                              The path may come from east or west                                                                   The path leads us to his door                                                                                   He wants us all to see                                                                                        That LOVE is the key                                                                                          Pray meditate or chant                                                                                             Learn look and listen to the sacred heart                                                            For god will find you on that path

louisa Jen

Mark the passing of the light

Pomp and ceremony customary

To see the sacrifice

Yet man made and avoidable

we mourned

the dying of the light

Your eyes were wet for many years and now your soul is deminushed

A portrait on the wall

A memory of the past

Saluted for your bravery

When all you did was die

Mark the passing of the light

The dying rays that touch the heart ♥

Belonging to the world take advantage of the light

Time does not decrease the breaking heart ♥

Mark the dark and fading light

Go with good cheer but mark the passion

Farewell to earthly troubles

Peace of mind and heart

Mark the passing of the light

Louisa jen

Earth Mother

Pour the water on the ground let it spread across the land

Pour the soul’s into the earth let their blood renew the ground

Cry your tears and let them fall in to the grave deep in the earth

Let religion cure the curse of men

Let love break the bleeding heart ♥

Let men weaken and crawl upon the ground until true love is found

Fellowship across the globe across the land will let our hope stand

Did you not hear the cry of the land

Louisa jen

love meeting new people and seeing new places

Italy lake como

Make a wish its magic


Mask people wear

Bittersweet the bonds of love so brutal

My heart bleeding filled with kisses from hell

An eternity in tormented dreams

My prayers given to celestial hope

love broken then redeemed

Memories diminished to grey

shadows across my path

roses bloom in the grave yard

Silence echoes through the  night.

louisa jen

Norfolk island

I have travelled here and travelled there but never left my heart in any other place

The beauty of the world surrounds me in this quiet repose on the shores of Norfolk island  

An echo from the past  but memory almost forgot  the name of slaughter bay

A prisoner’s retreat and Englands shame convicted souls lost here in histories page

Oh how suffering went before and yet here I sat to see the beauty which once had heard the cries

when will we learn to love

louisa jensen


A distant love love reached out and beckoned me to come , destiny played a game on me ,what winds of witchery saw this enchantment What mystery what spell did you cast on me, love limited with time and age, affection real intentions unclear , did you wish a most practical wish of love. time is forever

Poetry — Flutterbys-Louisa. com


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The perfect imperfection of magic and how a random spell can ricochet out of control leading you the spell binder into chaos into your desired manifestation. That very same affect of enchantment brings life and it can bring sparkles like the witches magic of old. Believe and it is real, the powerful dragon the warriors from hell fire stare at the moon and draw strength anything is real if attached to belief. The crazy sun gods all tooo beautiful and terrifying can be your own mind set, vampires or demons create your dimension and don’t follow the narrow path explore the dangerous woods. Defy the danger and grow accustomed the to green man and the witches power. Do you believe in angels or in a god of mercy do you create your own world i ask what do you believe and I remind you any idea is real and that idea can become your reality. Witches magic on crescent moons and stars on high do sprinkle star dust from the skies to litter the ground with glitter a gallery of love distinguished and miracles with the mystery of enchantment. lust is the nights sparkling diamond wolves and men beauty and desire in the sunset with passion in the heart I wish for sunrise dreaming.

Let us dream together please, Let us remember how to dream and drift in the moonlight together. Let us float on silver beams and undulate in the warmth of emotions. Will you help me feel the joy of love and share your time. Love is a gift and a breath to rest in. love is to rest beneath and be surrounded with the stars. Life is wondrous or so I believe my memories keep my soul outside my body. my sterile world of imaginings and fantasy , I live in that halfway world of dreaming too afraid of reality lest I fall short of my imaginings. Come rest with me talk of love whisper in my ear of love.


Moonlight and lovers

death comes like a theif in the night

be very afraid of the moon

love kills the heart

love brings death

louisa jen

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Dare the moon to light your way to hell

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This is a tale that is as real as it is horrific The life of pie set a mon on a boat with a tiger but did you know this is taken from a real life event. The story begins with 4 men sailing to australia 1884 on a yatch called the mignonette. Tom Dudley is captain ned brooks ,Edwin stephens and a young 17 year old richard Parker. They set sail from southhampton . On the 5 july while sailing from madeira to cape town the yatch sinks in bad weather. The men escape to a dinghy and are now adrift in an open boat hundreds of miles from anywhere. No water 2 tins of turnips their only food after 12 days starvation is looming dehydration and thirst the idea of the law of the sea is brought up by Tom Dudley. Out of desperation richard parker drinks sea water a small amount can help a person survive however rich drinks a large amount and become violently ill. Vomiting and diahreaha he slumps into bottom of the boat. Tom has already mentioned drawing lots. He has decided to kill and eat Richard He insists richard is dying no agreement is made. Late in the night tom says to edwin stephens after looks between themselves confirmed the killing. Take hold of his feet and tom thrusts the knife he has into richards jugular then catching the pumping blood in a bowl them drink the essrnce as richard dies. They tom and edwin strip the body and butcher it keeping strips of meat to eat… Tossing the remains to the sea. After now 24 days out of meat and starving again they are desperate when a german ship appears on the horizon..The moctezuma rescues the men from the dinghy. Tom is unafraid to tell the horror of the story. Back in england he states the law of the sea and canabalism is allowable however this prompts arrests a trial and a sensational change of laws now making it no longer allowable to murder ship mates no matter the horror of abandonment at sea. Tom and Edward are found guilty of murder and serve 6 months in jail due to the circumstance and lack of knowledge. Ned Brooks is exonorated because he played no part in the murder and was morally conflicted to eat the flesh of the boy richard…. TRUE STORY …

The Golden tablet to safety.

From the court of Kublai khan from China to the known world. Calamity on drifting sand. Rouges and thieves are lost. lost in the dunes of spice. Spice travels on soft toughened pads. From fortress or oasis caravans worm their way to market. Fierce warriors guard the precious. Day and night they watch the dancing mirage on the shifting horizon. Silk and spice societies delights.

A Friend

Did I dream too long did I fly too high
Love gave me wings
But I have long since crashed and burned
I stand each day and cast my wishes upon the breeze l watch the tide and imagine you
Love imagined or real
Emotional depths untold unexplainable
What began this story this desire this incantation what enchantment of magic
Somewhere you are real Somewhere in another realm far far away
I stand upon my distant shore and weep for dreams lost
Louisa jen

Crystal tears

crystal tears as stars amongst the planets align/ The moon drifts in its reflected sunlit glow/ My dreams swing on Rainbow gases of burning fire to warm the gods on high/ Torn between the earth and sky diamonds dazzle with visions of earthly magic/ Windswept sands and miraculous mountain tops of ice and snow. All glowing in golden sunlight and shimmering on moonlit nights. Life on earth glorious in the celestial lights of heaven.

Some times LOVE is not enough and that I have learnt the hard way, fallen and then fell. The death of hope and of your wishes are difficult emotions to live with. To see the reality of your life and the late hour of the change of love and your heart bleeds. So we look to celestial light and prayer to fill the void of emotion. I am left to wonder what is love is it to stay committed to a memory of love of to leave in hope and then to live in the memory of love. I asked god to light my way but full of doubt and with no love I stay prepared to die without Love. If God wanted me to focus on the spiritual then he is successful I only hope my heart will heal and then my eyes might dry, Love celestial and complicated beyond all understanding.

Such a handsome face

Obsession, magnificent in its simplicity of love

Instant and intense love and I am sorry I became your burden

But it was always you I am glad you are strong and happy now

My affection was always a bit crazy and the years are unkind

Take the love as a caring that bent the rules and amazed the moon.

louisa jen

A world without fantasy can you imagine without dreams .how drab how practical a place! A place of work and a place of box’s , with us all trapped in the square inside the lines we are told to obey. Never to question or explore other ideas or dominions. No truth other than the emotionless grave, no lies , no love except the formal , all would be solved in the studious fires of of silent cold endeavor. No talking mice like micky or mini ,nothing but instinct and no insight/ only seasonal emotions no obsession no romance no wonder/ No imagination No fantasy then we are dead.

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Instagram insanity. Truth is hard to find. Scammers may be close behind. Evil comes as a friend in the dark. Swift the silver dagger unseen but thrust deep with love. What video would you trust no clarity of purpose just a fools errand. Blood on the floor.


What is love, lonliness and disorder

I look for peace and find no heart

Only need and want which determines desire

Married yet single loved with no love

Diversion of mind and body

Cold embraces and still a lifetime more of emptiness

What is love


Bleeding hearts torn from the bodies of the believers, like sacrificial creatures of no worth

Did you purposely as a way of winning followers sacrifice so many hearts and minds

Tears have no effect, no its the donations, no its the promise of more that you desire

The game is big , so big you hide behind poetry, mirrors, smoke and love

who dares to accuse the sinister not the threatened, who dare accuse the one who offers LOVE

Such a joke such a juxtaposition live on hate and greed while throwing kisses to the winds of time

Evil kings, cruel princes and wicked queens dare all to accuse the great giver of LOVE

louisa jen

silk and conquest the kahn and the golden tablet,the true merchant of venice given safe passage on the old silk road marco polo , the life blood the veins to paradise, to velvet to silk, the loom, the respect, the beauty the garden the designs the fabric , people bathed in silken robes, from china the journey fraught with fears from those who followed the wealth and there lies the silken conquest of kubla kahn.

louisa jen

A distant love

love reached out and beckoned me to come , destiny played a game on me ,what winds of witchery saw this enchantment What mystery what spell did you cast on me, love limited with time and age, affection real intentions unclear , did you wish a most practical wish of love. time plays a game on us and shifts the clock. Memory reminds me to love you and beckons me to surrender.

louisa jen


I lit a candle

I penned a note of love

I set the words to flame

To burn in passions fire

Destiny you see has played a game of love

Too deep to understand

Betwixt of time

Betwixt of Place

A burnt heart with the words in smokey rings

Frome heart to flames

From  East to West

From  the enchanted fire

Did you feel love

Did you feel the same

From heart to flames

Did you feel the enchanted fires of love

Louisa jen


I stood and wondered at my resolute mind, Thought and deed so attached and yet not , Action out ways thought or does it, Delight comes from a decisive moment of movement , Can drama be drama without deep and powerful action, Silence can not be heard , Can it be seen ?, can silence manifest into action or does it depend on sight , If the action is silent can anyone hear the silent scream, Recognition of the pain is a momentum of empathy , Is silence anger, is silence humility can it be both or neither, Or do we simply die silently

louisa jen

To Walk

Controlling the stride, times spent walking I couldn’t count the hours, Health and death the parameters , Control not forgotten, Heel toe heel toe watch the scenery go , pavement sand and dune off the trodden path , hill and dale ,To wander in natures wonder now lets hold that thought Love thy self Life’s joys abound , ahh to be a bird on the wing to soar to fly above the storms and rest upon a cloud but I am pavement bound Clip Clop, I love that sound

louisa jen


Dissolution of self in moments of the orchestrated corruption of character

Doctor jeckle and Mr Hide found the corruption of self

A schism of personality with the division from body and mind

Into hell we are cast to burn in the fires of dissolution to find redemption

The ill of and corruption or schism of the mind in sexual perversion

Fraud would find fault with the id of an angel or would he ask for intensive

Therapeutic dissolution

Where is peace is it found in meditation does prayer prevent ultimate insanity

Does this become the knifes edge we tip toe upon through our waking day?

But what depths to we reach in those dreaming hours in the nightmare of sleep

That hell where our evil lives that devil or Satan who roams our inner core

Then what of Jesus who cried in the wilderness he that haunted the desert

And found god is this the dissolution of self is this the pain we strive for

Love is hope and love rescues the heart from deadly thought and sooths the soul

Questions and quests of knights and damsels found wanting of mortal dilemmas

 devils and angels penetrate the fires of dissolution to redeem lost souls

while butterflies touch and kiss the yellow roses to bring life joy

no thorn to sting and poison the heart but still death and dissolution  comes

Louisa jean

The angel stopped and warmed my spirit when I felt my life was gone The creature lifted me from my sadness Gave me wings to fly Maybe god looked me in the eye So many tears blurred my vision I could not even smile Keep your head up and travel another mile The angel said Put your hand in my hand then stand If you crumble , I will be there Your days are few but your days are new step up and its ok hold on for a while Follow me step and where I step ,stand where I stand Totally forgive and totally be thee Louisa Jensen


The cruel and mighty sea

Oceans blue, oceans grey, oceans ever changing with the winds

Oceans of unknown forces who survive in that powerful place

That place where sailors go to play and challenge themselves each day

That magic space that realm within our world

That deep unmapped water where monsters lurk

That bountiful hungry place of danger and cruel intent

To hunt like the shark with sharpened teeth

To go beyond the reefs to see the undulating sea

In those uncharted depths where only trident could go

Where sirens called men to the rocks to steal their very soul’s

What changing moods has the sea in stories to unfold

What zeal , what courage to crest the mighty waves

What force drives men to quest dominion over Neptune

Ahhh to languish in the sunset and to do battle with the sunrise, to take heart and muscle from the shore to seek in the fathoms below

But I shall wander on the shoreline and dream as dreamers do

Ill search the rock pools on sunny days for I cannot go beyond my depths

I am bound you see to terra firma to sit and watch the turning tides

To imagine and to read in books brave stories of the sea

Louisa Jensen

Did I breath Did I create Did I give Did I share Did I care Did I know pain Did I know love Did I know fear, Yes I have lived Yes subjective objective Yes knowledge gained Entrapment Trust Debatable Diabolical

A collidescope of colour’s, Emotions undone ,Romance and love, Erotic fantasy games and fun, sadness and joy, only a toy, let heart betray heart . let no love start

louisa jen

Unanswered Questions

The world is in flux, Environmental changes global warming, Covid 19 spreading, Animal cruelty Animal murder, Forests burning habitat disappearing, Starvation gene altered agriculture and ddt exposure, No clean water ,economic terror, Refugee migrations ,Limited resources yet their is wealth, Corruption violence ,terror War ,drugs. On this beautiful planet people struggle to survive where to start the repair Mars????? How to save the planet, how to love our world ,how to save ourselves on this Endangered Planet

louisa jensen

Dreaming on a rainy day

So many desires unmet Insationable momentum So much undone Distant travels Distant shores Life in a bubble Enforced nationalism protectionism Affections unstable Disease in the air we breath Fascination sceptism Electronic magic Gaze at the world that blue globe we all call home

Sunrise sunset links us in that enchanted ephemeral interconnected moment Differences negligible WE become one No flat world theory here Interconnected, Interconnected, Interconnected

louise jensen

Message in a bottle

I wrote a song and I placed it in a bottle and set it adrift upon the sea

A message from a distant heart

A song of love set upon the breeze

This melody is meant to live with you

No reply to sender, just affection found in this musical note

A vessel guided to its owner by a heavenly force

Its destiny that set you to walk that distant shore

An enchanting diamond so precious found lying in the sand.

Let love stand and stand.

Let love stand

Louisa Jensen

Fire and ice

Fire ,ice and the id Inside myself is a constant battle Who wins depends on the game I dream of war of and disaster The fire is want and desire The id which is part of me That horrible kid Ice frosty and cold is the conscience The heart a fire that burns but the frozen ice refuses to melt ahhhh what is there to do ice and fire ,fire and ice never forget the vicious kid, the id

louisa jensen

twas a game

twas a game you played twas no more than that love twas never there For i have not felt you near In many a year twas yes twas just a game you played in the sun shine.

louise jensen

Eternal moon

There is a strange moment when we know

we have lived too long seen too much

A question comes as hamlet asked

Determined we cling to hope and others fall

Oh what of eternity if we were given it

we would cry too long it is too long

The moon has seen how many eyes felt how many hearts

The sun has warmed how many souls

This world and its unending orbit

Oh it grows cold at night

i seek too many answers

The moon just smiles and those beams

must try to smile

oh that moon that beautiful moon

louisa jensen

LOve with wisdom

A friend is not a small thing

Do not love too wisely

lest you miss the passion

But do not love to rashly lest your heart be broken

nay love as a friend

love with thought and care, love honestly

hold love in thy heart and stay thy love for me

Give not the future to another

stay a friend to me

louisa jensen

A white witch A white witch, A white heart Where love can start , See me now Love me now for an enchantment I have given I tossed my spell into the winds To carry my love to you East to west ,west to east A white witch, A white heart For love to start

Louisa jensen


I waited, I prayed ,I saw you

Do you love me now

I lost you

Finally you see me


louisa jensen

Roses in the garden

Rainbows at midnight colors reverberate like ripples on a pond To see the unseen, To touch the intangible Imagination the key, Feel the sun , Feel your heart Feel the beat of life, Let the world open up Unlock the door ,Fantasy ephemeral but real No path closed, No river too wide , No love too deep Red roses in the garden Imagine the stars and feel the moonbeams Blood and Bone connections to time Earth, Wind ,Fire and water Feel the land breath, Feel the magic

louisa jensen

Candle light

The candelabra sat in the reflective glow of the mirror

The flames flickering in the half light of the room

Magic danced around this small world

lovers swayed to music transfixed in the magic

The shadowy light of the candles appeared as an enchanted sparkle

The ombiance, lit her eyes and my heart beat to a new drum

We kissed in the candle light made promises in the candle light

Oh to live in the magic of this moment

Hearts surrendered in the candle light

Love in the candle light

Louisa Jensen