Into the night

Into the fray they ran

The sky alight with pain

Cries from the hollows of hell

Mortal men do battle for immortality

The devil alive cut through the wave of  steel and flesh

In pieces upon the ground The blood of Warlocks dripped as Hobbits and Orc’s did cleave to sword

To kill the human flesh defiled fantasy saved his sanity        These forbidden realms his analysis decreed was his key

Weep as you visit the pages of the Tolkien spectre.

When you encounter the Devil you feel it.

Did you see the road ahead no well you can only trust that life will be kind to you or at least you will be kind to yourself. The people you meet you smile, you be kind and its only when you meet the devil do you take stock. I often go back to that lift I got with Ivan Milat when I was 14  hitched a ride to roller skating and I think how lucky I was that he thought me so innocent.   I was innocent then and alone , but I was also alert. There must have been an angel because I remember that voice screaming in my head  loud like it was no part of me yet it was and it said ‘dont look at him and keep quiet’, so I became an angel in that car that night. When I got out and I was praying because I felt the evil surround me that night and I was afraid.  AS he pulled up  I wanted to say thankyou for the lift so he knew I only wanted the lift to my destination  and then  it happened  , he even warned me not to get in another car ‘I replied ‘I would not’ . After roller skating he followed the vehicle I travelled home in and the boy driving said ‘we are followed’  I didnt say a word , he had pulled up behind us so I asked would the  driver to wait till I got inside my home,  the boy driving said yes  and I didnt look back at the car  I never saw any of those people who gave me that lift  home that night again but  I think God sent them  and the boy though he will never know it ,saved my life that night.  If I had of been alone and waiting on a bus I would have not been here today . Ivan went on or was in the course of his murder campaign and we know now he was evil beyond words and he let me step from his clutches that fateful night ,indeed God is great because many did not survive their encounter with the devil.

A good man can sometimes be your only protection and I appreciate the goodness of god who works through good people but be warned the devil uses humans too. My  Lesson of the day.


 Pious Mind

The will to live depends on skill and luck, there  is no safe place

To find the light when a death is required of mind and soul

Inflection screaming inside your head, reflection of why?

Killings and endings immortality lost blood splashed all around

Knives and daggers, friends are enemies and enemies are friends

Appeasement does no good, it only proves your weakness, tears

Demons and god, bad versus good ,evil comes and fires burn

Save the soul and burn the flesh  said the executioner

let the sting of the whip bring forgiveness as a flagulation to the soul

Holy lust with justification to perpetuate the ghosts from hell

To walk amongst the innocent and leave hearts to die and bleed

Power perverted  when evil comes look for the cruel intentions

Should we be as Jesus was should we seek the flames  of redemption

Sacrifice  should we or is  sacrifice a disloyalty to God

Do you bargain with god  for your own forgiveness and gain.

Blessed are the demons who bring forth the sacrifice  and blessed are the demons  who call you closer to god or is it hell

louisa jen

A Dragons Life

A dragon is a golden beast full of bravery and power

He brings forth Fire  and stands atop his mountain

Dragons eat horses  but only golden horses

Full sun and  light  reveals  his golden delight

Dragons never sleep such is their repose

The lady  saw the dragon and thought him fine

She saw  him in the moonlight  that nightly shines

He sparkled and so she  fell into the dragons fire

Her heart was tinged and burnt so she turns away

Crystal tears and waterfalls cool her heart to ice

The dragons flags are flying and he has won the day


The wolf drinks blood

The wolf the killer of dreams who prowls the night in search of fresh blood to lick the arteries and drain the souls of  the  unfortunate wanders. The body matters not for it is the blood it desires like  vampires of the pack. The beast howls and hunts with loyalty to his brothers equally who thirst for the satiated desire. Dripping delight with every lick to weaken and kill to join the dreamer in that lustful deadly dance called death. The power of the pack creates a cruel delight in the hunt and in the kill they drink the essence of life. In folklore the powerful eat the heart of their victims as the wolf does and  as he consumes his power and ferocity  grows. He ceases to be a mere wolf his  aura takes on the apparitions of the wolfman of imagination. To bite and snarl with lust unabated death becomes the frenzied  delight of  murderous passion without control.                                                    The moon glows across the deadly scene when the auras of the pack become one and the essence is hot and red upon the ground. Cry the wolf, cry the killer of souls , cry the dreamer of  hearts and  blood as the nightmare becomes the fantasy of hell.

louisa jen

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Love letters of the heart

No reproach, nor regret and let simple satisfaction be

I don’t know who I was nor who I loved

Love and magic ephemeral will ever be untouched

Memories will be ever kind to the thinker

we prove ourselves you see, in the journey

Did we know love, were we loving

We touched in space and in celestial time

It is a strange penned story of love but it is still real

Pages chart the course of emotions

Love is never lost but found in the heart

love can be

can love be

Is love enough.

Love in transition

lost is memories

The fates are sometimes unkind

Beauty is everywhere and love abounds

Be kind to yourself and to others

journey with a good heart

louisa jen


The  gift

Cold hearts and dark places

Erotic dances exciting and alluring

Bondage and binding hearts

Shadows adrift in the moonlight

Evil unseen with a trusting heart

Love a quest too abstract to imagine

Forgiveness and condemnation

Brought low by loves disguise

Redemption found in bible verse

The dagger unseen

Blood by my own hands

Blind intention accursed

I was in the dark



Love as best you can and always be kind  and  try to leave a lasting love with each soul you encounter and pray for God is always there with you.  They say life is short but I say its too long to be locked out of heaven.

SYMPATHY  (charlotte Bronte)

There should be no despair for you, while nightly stars are burning, while evening pours its silent dew and sunshine gilds the morning / there should be no despair ,though tears may flow down like a river; are not the best beloved of years , around your heart forever?.. they weep – you weep- it must be so;  winds sigh as you are sighing; and winter sheds its grief in snow .where autumn’s leaves are lying;  yet these revive, and from their fate  ,your fate cannot be parted, then journey on, if not elate,  still ,never broken-hearted!

Angels and Devils

We can consider ourselves as angels and devils both living in the same body, we are indeed both things in one. Beauty and the beast are real they are the opposite characteristics of our being.    The notion that one exists without the other is nonsense both positions and I recognize that in myself.    Human emotions range so widely and strongly and poetry captures this so well.   The brevity of language, the directness and the strength of words can be a dagger to the heart or cupids’ arrow, the few words written upon the arrow can strike into the heart.Yes, poetry can have that effect and this is a recognition of just how  profound and beautiful people are it is to my mind   Beyond belief.                 They are violent, strong, venerable delicate creatures and I believe poetry is the fastest way and most direct form of literature and there are so many styles but my style is an evocative impromptu voice. I think it and write it I delve as deep as my view allows.           We can only perceive the world as we know it and so we become a reflection of our own thoughts.  There is no reason why we should not accept other views but it is difficult to write outside my own imaginings and perceptions of culture and limited knowledge I say this because even the smartest man can still learn new things.

TRUST  the serpent looked me in the eye and smiled, Trust me he said I will not kill you  And the devil danced for innocence lost, For poison is the serpent bag a tell . listen !  T r u s t -ssssss   me-ssss I would not lie and eve believed,  Trust is a word a tool to ply Listen for the music and look for the fire And the Devil danced while the serpent smiled

Love and Pride

Be love if love be your choice

The mask of pride conceals the heart ♥

Bleed wisdom and curse your choice

Be love if love be you

Humility breeds equality of choice

Quintessential self esteem

Creativity the bond of choice

Guises floated on the breeze

Be love if love be your choice

Louise jensen

A secret world

Where you told or did you know

Was it whispered in your ear?

Did someone say or was it uttered that way

It was kept in my vault

Never to see the light of day

Never to even exist

Please resist

Don’t look

Keep the secret

Keep the secret


Light and darkness

Dragon and knight

Love and hate

Death and life

Heart and battle

Fear and bravery

A dragon caves

Winner George the slayer

Saint of the times

Did I live

Did I breathe Did I create Did I give Did I share Did I care Did I know pain Did I know love Did I know fear, Yes, I have lived Yes subjective objective Yes knowledge gained Entrapment Trust Debatable Diabolical


A collide scope of colour’s, Emotions undone , Romance and love,    Erotic fantasy games and fun, sadness and joy, only a toy, let heart betray heart  let no love start


Time and the clock is always ticking

Did it matter, did it make your day easier

can you touch the appointed hour

Or was it a silent death

Sad the hour when a heart ♥ ceased

No steps taken no care given no hope left

Did you see the passing of the light

No funeral services no tears no pain

The past became a memory of you

In the faded light a recognition

Dreams of you

Louisa Jensen

Black Magic 

In the black of night in that half world we are given our souls begin to drift, to surrender in the dark

We stir beyond the living realm and find our self somewhere in a dream

In a place of fantasy and aspiration a place of  mystery and illusion

delusion is the new reality and fear becomes a friend.

We glide across a sea of trouble and of nightmares into that remembered chaos called  life.

That brain with twisted memories of love the machine that never sleeps allows us  to escape into that other place.

To hang on the edge of space to dares the morality of convention.

To find that magic place where shadows can delight.

Hearts are fired in the chase.

Love and lust are mingled

Never to be abated


Desire and angst

Passwords to the castle keep.

A trusted friend the reaper, leads the way and seals your fate.

A journey to the interior, has begun

Echo’s from my bleeding heart.

Screams from castles in the sky filled  with  corrupted  desire

Emotions flow like ghosts of the past to rattle the chains that bind.

Flight  the only option.

Panic and misfortune combine.

Voices, sighs and silence  creep across the garden.

Tears in the dark, blood on the grass.

Lost and torn without enchantment.

Memory faded into corrupted seepage of  imagination.

Consequence delivered with a deadly fright

Unencumbered the nightmare enlivens every sensation.

Fear and resolution wake me in the dark.

my armour lay all about.

The beating of my bloodied heart ,echoes in my ears.

My mind and soul connected rouses  me from my slumber.

In dreams and nightmares, we purge the mind.

The soul renews to fight another day

The light begins the waking dream.

The Boxer

Ringing to wake the dead. The four a.m. alarm struck that yawning hour                  The lamplight loomed in shadows on every wall.. Joggers and sweatshirt on…  I assumed another persona…   Training for a profession some deplore…  Fog on a darkened street appeared as apparitions haunting…  Door shut, I become part of the ghostly scene…   Shadow boxing in the mist.. Moving, shuffling, stagnating along the twisting road,,  Up a hill and then a sweeping corner inclining…  Breathe heaving body sweating heat and water trickling… Down my back, I swam in the cold morning air… Passing a paper stand I nodded to the man..A wink full of admiration,,, Heart pounding muscles ripped shoulders and biceps fight fatigue,, Like twisted rope fists punching with knuckles white cold and aching,, Swinging blows left, right add an upper cutter.. Shafts of fire stretched now across the sky.. Heralding the impending sunrise..Gulls and pelicans wait on trawlers as I pass the water front.. I stretch my mind with every step.. The light coming fast limbs slow turn for home..Time had passed beneath my feet like sand in an hour glass running out…The work out gave veracity to the ring…No second chances take the champ or surrender, as a soldier of fortune should..Ready for the fight my weapons are my skills;.. I’ll capture the title I’ll never say die,, Men will point and say He is the greatest…To be a champion!!… Weigh in I made the cut and eyed the champ…He looked a mighty man..I can take him..A meal of pasta, I ate it like a shark…The fight was on, each had an equal chance.. The bets were on the champ…Bell, first round was tough…The trainer called aloud take the blows, wear him down now there’s the trick…Bell, water splashed on bloodied lips.. Mouth guard and gloves checked Vaseline to slip the blows..  Bell, a roar went up.. Jab, block, duck and weave, battered but not defeated.. Bell, head spinning ringing ears voices talking orders given.. Bell, I struggled to gain the points,,, I swung a right and caught him with a left.. The referee stepped in then counted one to four.. The final Bell both up to take the win.. My punch was lucky and he spun like a whirly wind.. The champ had seen it out as he went to the mat.. He wasn’t one to cry but when I took his hand a tear fell from his eye… I held that belt high I touched the sky

Castles of sand

Blessed or cursed by cupids’ arrow

Obsession seeks a particular lover

It is not an unfaithful love

But rather a patient determined love

An insanity of the heart ♥

No tis a faithful heart unrequited

lost moments in every heartbeat

A faithful heart ripped apart


The phantom prince of the sands

 piety to illusion and delusion

mirages in my horizons

How cold is the phantoms heart?

He bleeds not

He taught his heart the knowledge of the night

Like the wolf he stalks 

He savours the pursuit and the taste of blood

He plays with words as a poet does

He casts cupids’ arrow into the earth

Dust blows into his castle of the sands

He soars the sky like the falcon

His quest to love noble and true

Only he is the lion and the deer

Only he inspires the winds of change

He connects the east and the west 

Only he has the key to hope

The knight of the sands who strides the world


Louisa jen

Ghosts and shadows planned

lost in a world of cruel intentions

A media plan , lies from the beginning

hope held with cards but without love

lessons to confuse and tear a soul apart

scripted with fake tears

A media game of cruel intentions

bible s and gods planned music

the game was big and the lies complete

Death ensured,

If there were no desire nothing would be..People  play nonsense games with themselves Religion hypocrosy take muslim life creates the illusion of desire cover the precious woman no man can then desire her then the religious doctrin allows a man to have several wives is that not a desire ?? why then is it not applicable for a woman to have two husbands ,,,ohhh now they have a nonsence men are different and indeed they are but not every woman is the same either, Man creates illusions so he can do as he likes…

Did I dream too long did I fly too high
Love gave me wings
But I have long since crashed and burned
I stand each day and cast my wishes upon the breeze l watch the tide and imagine you
Love imagined or real
Emotional depths untold unexplainable
What began this story this desire this incantation what enchantment of magic
Somewhere you are real Somewhere in another realm far far away
I stand upon my distant shore and weep for dreams lost
Louisa jen


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