12 hour emerits flight to arbu darbi 11 hour to amsterdam 2 hours\ KlM flight to copenhagen. A dream tour we connected with a trafalgar tour nothing to worry about until I waited for my luggage to appear it did not so after registering my loss I was transferred to my hotel and tour night was a lovely dinner and meet in the same clothes I travelled in. Again new adventure so much to see the little mermaid immortalised in the hans christian anderson tale. There is the royal palace christian borg the Tivoli gardens the laneline prominade just so much. On to smaland lake vattern Brahehaus castle and then off to stockholm stopping in a lovely restaurant for a meal. Three days in Denmark and my baggage finally caught up with me so needed that change of clothes as winter was very cold and jumpers were valuable items thankyou KLM dutch airlines.

Denmark palace guard


little mermaid Copenhagen
the guard at the summer Palace

There were street markets and shopping for every essential gift. Art galleries a canal cruise and free time to have a wander alone feeling very safe.Denmark has 5.806 million population with almost 800,000 living in Copenhagen and stockholm

just one view of so much to see and history to know
Amalienborg castle
beautiful architecture and the place where the nobel peace prize is awarded
runes rock trivia odins rune means unknowable secret and runes were said to hold magical powers.
ferry promenade overnight cabins
the vasa museum showcasing the 17th century warship reclaimed from the seabed its resting place for hundreds of years having sunk on launching lives lost. The ship was top heavy due to poor craftmanship on the Kings orders. WE boarded the ferry to Helsinki


ferry to Helsinki identical to the one s

After exploring the city sights of helsinki we visited the home of an architect who had worked all over the world quite an interesting tour of the national trust home.

temppeliaukio lutheran church carved into the rock ground broken in 1968 helsinki quite beautiful

Departing Helsinki we travelled on to the gulf of Finland through the forests of karelia which was so vast the bears were sleeping as it was almost winter. The road took us to St Petersburg to see the palaces and the museums. the hermitage museum to see the largest collections of artefacts.

the mansion where Rasputin was murdered totally interesting tour and it took quite a bit of planning and completing the conspirators migrated to usa with all there wealth so avoiding the revolution
The hermitage & bikers day ,side attraction
just a hint at some of the grand palaces
fun photo

The bodies of the tsar nicholas Romanov lay here in the chapel above / We visited the tsar’s winter palace ,nevsky’s prospepekt ,st Issacc’s cathedral. peter the great whose inspired vision saw the evolution of the elegant metropolis. we visited peter and paul fortress and the hermitage. We cruised the harbour of st peterburg on the baltic sea tasted vodka and walked the markets just so much more to do.

novogard a local dinner with dancing and song greeted with salt and bread.
eternal flame and monument at novogard this was the front line of the german invasion and huge numbers died here trying to stop the invading forces.
novogard is a walled city called a kremlin

Moscow is close at hand making onee realise how close the german invasion came to the capital.

walking up to red square
inside red square

Red square the metro the shopping center at red square all amazing and wonderful.

st Basils consecrated 1561 moscow orthodox
st Sergiuy’s monastery sergiyev posad center for art and architcture

The pictures do not do justice to a spectacular Russia. The largest country in the world with vast forests, fabulous buildings which ooze history. The Russian people are kind and deeply patriotic an amazing tour. Cant wait to one day return to see more of this grand nation

Ivan the terrible is buried here as a hero to chrisidom