Fire and Ice

The Grail

The vine, the blood

That final supper

The cup that touched those lips

Taken and hidden, coveted and quested

The heart of faith was tested

The knights of templar sort the gift

In Celtic myth the legend grew and spread across the world

The cross was tested and challenged in histories page

From Jerusalem to Cairo

From Islam to Christendom

From the emir to Ferdinand the gift

Love with questions unanswered

The chalice the cup of Jesus

They came to the Basilica to see a truth and touch the   sacred

The promise of love and hope

The grail

Louisa jen


The sails billowed in the cold wind, surging the ship forward while waves crested in every direction. The captain kept a sharp eye to his crew calling orders to the first mate, who harried each sailor with the ferocity of a tiger. The only justification was to maintain a steady course north to Iceland.  The bow moved this way and that putting each man to the test.  The wind changed direction and force. The men worked tirelessly as the ship continued cutting its way up waves then heaving down all the   time pushing the ship through the dark, aqua ominous depths. The captain strained his eyes attempting to see beyond the rise of each wave.  He had stood at the helm many a year, but seldom had he been pushed to his limits of endurance.   time had been their enemy   it had taken its toll, together they had fought the wind and the sea for five unrelenting days with their muscles almost ripping from their bodies.   The skies   grew red like the flames of hell and the wind dropped to an ominous but eerie calm while a mist seemed to come upon the sea.  men feel exhausted   to their knees, but   their short-lived relief turned to fear for the stillness seemed peculiar.  Resting they drifted on the sea when a sailor cried out that the devil had boarded the ship and each man took fright.   The captain called out arrest any man who doesn’t stand his station.  In that moment a wave rose high and the captain said it was the eye of the storm look to the sails.  His voice was stern and confident. The air began to stir, and his dark hair blew across his face.    echoes seemed to burn through his brain and voice cried ‘come to hell’.                                                                                                                                                                         HHorror gripped   every man on board as an iceberg seemed to loom from the sea. The sound of cracking wood brought sharp slivers of ice through the upper deck. the crew and   the captain stood shocked then came endless screaming from below deck.   Sinking, water swallowed the vessel and   men struggled to life boats but to no avail, no time water washed everyone from the deck and those below never saw the surface again.   Men flailed legs and arms attempting to swim and hands reached toward the sky. Down they went icy depths and then silence and calm.                       on   the 4 the January 1750   eight   days   after leaving   England the London times noted a missing vessel bound for Iceland vanished without trace with all hands-on board.



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