travel and adventure became my focus i urge everyone to travel to explore the world when covid is controlled. So many wonderful moments and the ideal of good commerce within your place of choice is appealing and charitable. The choices of hire cars coupled with a b&b or motel or caravan or tour company are so exciting and desirable. Any travel agent can expand your horizons depending on how adventurous you are. My blog hopes to stimulate your ideas and expand your dreams to adventure. I was not born of wealth i worked and acquired the skills to work study and desire improved myself and put me on a track to adventure. Sinapoor is a great destination for shopping and cruises and fun we used it as a stopover destination on our way to england and europe its 12 hours flight from sydney but a worthwhile adventure on its own…

raffles hotel and sinapoor slings
I bought the magnet lol

Raffles is a hotel motel of victotian style a cooling place from the heat of the humidity and of course the singapore sling one drink was enough. lots to do in sinapore the eye cruise to the islands or the oldest temple budhist or the indian quarters for shopping all the high end shops can be found here along with the merlin the orchid botanical gardens. simply tourism is alive and well in singapore.

orchid gardens
indian quarter

USA WEST COAST west coast USA a great time at Disneyland ,universal studios and much more great deals will come. a picture says so much i wont bore you with long talks but research your trips guaranteed then to get what you want to see.

Christmas Parade
Christmas in USA, Disney was our first stop I am hooked on fantasy.
frontier town complete with trick shooter
universal studios very cold day
carmel , monterey, pebble beach ,gated community ,sedona a most gorgeous town in the desert
spanish missions were a day ride apart for safety and rest
Indian lands , i saw the most gorgeous white leather fringed and beaded dress and feathered head pieces war bonnet ect here all ideas of native Indian peoples went beyond my imagination so beautiful a museum pieces no photos allowed.
snow on the canyon -10 degrees
Montazumas canyon Indians lived high in the hills
Yosemite national park waterfall was frozen bears were asleep

grand canyon
san francisco golden gate
zoo is a map driven must see lol

pheonix came first then a day trip to mexico but it was festival time shots were fired lol scary for me then back to los angels and so much to see shopping on rodeo drive and after a flight home
definitely trip to usa when pandemic is over so many phots to show research and trip.
cruised and saw the collonade where some like it hot was filmed

Fiji cruise

The fairstar was my first big cruise 14 days fiji islands departing circular quay upper level west street overseas passenger terminal pyrmont wharf 13enbarkation 2.30pm P&O sitmar . so excited to get on the go streamers complete.

I am recapping from my past trips skipping a few leading us onto the many trips i have been able to stuff into each busy working year I mention this because you see the trip but you dont see the work put in to afford these happy times. Cruising is one of the most popular ways to holiday we went on an adventure to fiji suva, french noume,/havannah boul vila ,champange Bay , Mystery island Lautoka ,yasawari island we travelled in 1991 on the fairstar a ship that went on to troubled sailing and retirement. we ended up having quite an adventure due to a cyclone that put the stablizer bars out of action and so we did have quite a bit of ship movement for some of the 14 days sailing but luckily we completed our touring successfully. Duty free shopping and fun tours booked onboard ship.

exploring the decks and enjoying our first moments on board
pilot has left the ship and we are on our way
taking in some rays

The entertaiment onboard was amazing a newspaper delivered each morning all activities listed. Onboard is a Disco ,casino,cinema, swim pools gymnasium keep fit activities, deck sports,indoor games andshore tours scuba diving ect children activities and duty free shopping.

vila reception band and markets after 3 days of sailing .
vila markets
western night
on board entertainment great fun
sailing to suva
food market searching for mango and pau pau lol a great chat to all the lovely marketeers
museum suva
palm crab
suva government house
local soap factory
suva shopping humidity was high the people were beautiful
A fun tour
yasawari island swimming scuba diving and a number of activities very hot day

Tourism is a great industry for so many people I encourage everyone to travel if they can and in that you help so many and enjoy the happy experience of meeting new cultures and peoples.

village life and very self sufficent
food on board was sumptuous

sailing heading back to sydney we suffered a cyclone but sadly no photos and of course we were given a safety drill and watched as the crew explained the things involved in abandoning ship god forbid.
basket making and coconut juices

small industry and the other thing the ships hospital is available to the islanders at every port of call any transportation to Sydney can be arranged and air lifted via the local air strips. so the cruise ships are also mercy ships. Produce is also acquired from local farmers if needed. so much history at every port of call and plenty to learn from military history to local I think cruising is a wonderful way to see the islands however I now mostly fly and tour I like the idea of more time on the ground.