reunification Palace

Vietnam is a jewel so much to see and do its lush and its people are kind and so i can only tell and show a tiny piece of what there is to see from restaurants to museums from river rides to water puppet shows one of the oldest entertainment forms the variety is amazing. So many destinations and vietnam is a thriving young country due to the war which ravaged the population. Saigon is a cosmopoliton cities with a history ,culture and style obtained from colonial france,ancient china with art deco era, once a main port of Cambodias mekong territories,Saigon became the capital of frances cochina and later capital of republic of vietnam. It remained capital of south vietnam until reunification at end of usa war in 1975 then capital became Hanoi.

mekong river
architecture and french influences of notre dame cathedral
mekong delta region sampan rides and cultural center
museums remember war and killing fields most disturbing
fun things to do are just so numerous.
mekong delta region, sampan rides, lunch, music and a cultural experience scorpion wine
boat rides restaurants huge waterway

Hue ,Hoi an and danang from markets to temples to marble mountain caves absolutely amazing travels

tay ninh the midday service of the Cao Dai religion visit the monkeys if you dare lol.
inside marbel mountain and so much more to see
marbel mountain take the lift or the stairs to the caves and temples once an important trade route in 16th and 19th centuries.

Temples and pagodas markets and shopping

walk to shopping and chinese quarter see ancient homes just a magical place
a stunning monument thich quang duc rode to hue on june 11 1963 to protest persecution of buddhists in war torn vietnam by setting himself alight graphic images.
cu chi tunnels and firing range is a sobering tour, this area was intensively bombed so entire villages lived underground of course war and the ingenuity of the traps and ambush and many men suffered and died in yet another conflic
just a view from the window
A big part of travel is waiting in the lounge area to catch your next flight