The pain of not being seen or heard silence and no justice for Diana Harry her soldier  of truth still wages the war of heart and mind Harry the Brave, maybe unwise but who cannot love his determination.  Diana the rightful queen of hearts should have been valued and protected instead Charles took HRH and security from the most popular and therefore the most vunerable.

There are always people who derive pleasure out of ridiculing others who are so egotistical or wounded themselves that they have to put down others very sad and no doubt their is good and bad in everyone  but hopefully we can mirror the good characteristics and leave jealousy or  envy out of the equation when we willfully dissect others with our cruel intentions.. The idea of Karma to me only works if the person recognizes their own flaws and has a conscience if not they will always justify their own behaviour  even murderers will claim the victim caused the heinous act. I accept sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind and that a ignobel act may have good intentions behind the consequent behaviour.

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